Torah Portion

Parashah 38 Korach   Topic- Servitude For Sight (If)

Subtopic - Judgement Unto Rebellion (Mixed)

What has happened before is happening again right before our eyes. When we read about Korach in this week's parashah, we are reading about what is happening right now. The main problem that the Korach of today has is their perception on what Yah is saying and wants from His people. Why is there a misinterpretation on this issue? There is a fine line between ignorance and rebellion. All sin is not rebellion and all sin is not unto your salvation. Throughout a series of times, ignorance will form into rebellion through familiarity and propaganda. One will defend what they have been taught versus what is actually true. What is real and truth to an individual oftentimes, is what a person can be shown through time by teaching through words and images. Hence, man has given up the glory of Yah, for false doctrine and created pictures of images and symbols. The way we are to see clearly is through the Torah being understood and followed. This is done through prayer and study with a willing heart. When we maintain this level of servitude, we will be rewarded with knowing and even taking part in Yah's truth in judging and rightly dividing. Amein

Num.16:1-7, 17:1-15, 16-28 Is.56 Rom.2:9-16, 17-29