About Our Leaders

Marcus and Amber Knight met each other during their teenage years. Amber was fifteen and attending Mackenzie High School on the west side of Detroit. Marcus was seventeen and just graduating from Cass Technical High School, but was attending a concert there when they literally bumped into each other in the hallway. After a few smart remarks to each other, they finally agreed to exchange numbers. Although they liked each other, they never were too serious about their relationship. Marcus was heading to Tennessee State University on a full music scholarship, while Amber was graduating early from high school with plans of her own. Being a couple didn’t look believable in their distant futures, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. Marcus left for school in the fall of 1994 with a bright college degree in his mind. Unfortunately, the university would not continue to pay the full amount for his education, hoping he could get financial aid. Not eligible for aid, Marcus returned home in February of 1995, continuing to date Amber and starting work at Chrysler Corporation. Amber finished high school with honors and began working and going to school at the National Institute of Technology. Graduating from there with honors also, while Marcus worked in the plant, they began to get more serious in their relationship. Marcus was born in the church, where he played keyboard and drums every Sunday.

He began to take Amber with him to Bethel Apostolic Church of Faith, where Suff. Bishop Robert David Young had just began pastoring. He and his wife Sis. Gaynel Young, moved from California to pastor in the church Marcus’s family had been pillars for years. Through Bishop Young, Marcus and Amber was introduced to the Torah and the knowledge of Yeshua, as well as the Sabbath. Bishop Young left Bethel to start his own ministry in November of 2000. Marcus and Amber followed their pastor and continued to learn about their Hebraic roots. All the while they were learning, their relationship flourished as well, and they began their journey as husband and wife on May 26, 2001. Pastor Young and his wife remained to be mentors to the young couple and eventually Marcus was commissioned to be an assistant pastor. Marcus and Amber served as members of this ministry’s name sake, Moshiach Ministries, until Pastor Young retired in April of 2016.

The first sermon Marcus taught as pastor of Moshiach Ministries Outreach was on April 26, 2016. Marcus continues to work at the plant while pastoring full time with Amber, the love of his life, and their two children Malik and Malayah.